Chiman's Indian Spices

Chiman's Indian Spices



Making a great curry at home is easy with Chiman's Authentic Indian Spice Blends

Our dry spice blends contain only premium quality spices - so they are free of all flavourings, preservatives and colourings - and they're gluten free. Many of our spice blends are also available in organic varieties.

The recipe on the back of the pack is easy to follow. Chiman's have been selling spice blends for over 20 years so our recipes have been tried and tested!

Each pack will make a delicious meal for around 4-6 people. If you're cooking for fewer, our tip is to cook the whole meal and freeze portions for another day. Alternatively, halve the ingredients and just use half the sachet. You can reseal the sachet and it will keep for 2 months without losing flavour.

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