In June 2013 Speciality Farm Foods, Chiman's Authentic Indian Spices and Talia's Nuts joined forces to trade as Chiman's Foods. The new company offers all the products the three original brands had created and has already added a range of retail packs of Chiman's and Talia's ingredients as well as a range of retail packs of roast nuts.

Speciality Farm Foods

Speciality Farm Foods offer exceptional, rare - quality ingredients from small farmers and artisans.

Flavour always comes first with us, and our suppliers practise sustainable methods to preserve our planet and protect their communities.

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Chiman's Spices

Making a great curry at home is easy with Chiman's Authentic Indian Spice Blends.

The recipe on the back of the pack is easy to follow. Chiman's have been selling spice blends for over 20 years so our recipes have been tried and tested! Many of our spice blends are also available in organic varieties.

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Talia's Nuts

Talia's Nuts, a food company with a love of products.

All our products are made with ingredients specially selected by us to ensure we maintain the quality we are proud of. Our kitchen in Exeter makes each batch by hand and our smoking is done over oak in Cornwall.

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